Our Happy Customers' Testimonials

“We just had a new variable speed pump installed - although pricey we love it, very quiet. And I cannot say enough about Sam who did a fantastic job on the installation and communication with us. Very responsive and thorough. Those of you who had a bad experience in prior years should give them another try, they are very good!!”
–Jan C.
“Anthony has been extremely attentive to our pool needs. We've had some situations that have required immediate attention and he has promptly come over and addressed the problems. The customer service I have received is top notch!”
–Leanne T.
“WOW! Have been VERY impressed with the customer service. I bought a 'packaged' jacuzii. They worked with the manufacturer to make things right. Thank you Rancho Pools-“
–Patti S.
“Great service and overall terrific company. The owners are very honest and responsible people. It can be hard to find trustworthy people that take pride in their work these days. If you are looking for a dependable company to service your pool or spa, call RPS and you will get a good price and great work done. I am happy recommend this company to my friends!”
–John A.
“Rancho pool service does a great job. Whenever there's something wrong Judy or other members will call me and notify me. Also, I once had a concern about my bill and she highlighted and printed out exactly how they calculated and sent bills date to date. Very organized. I was working outside with the cable guy and 50 dollars fell out of my pocket unknowingly, which I was supposed to pay the guy with that money. (I usually don't carry money like that in my pocket). I couldn't find it that night so next morning I asked my pool man if he sees the money to give me a heads up, he immediately said Ill check the filter right away, unfortunately it wasn't there. BUT! He helped me find two 20 dollars!! We couldn't find the 10 but just told him that if he does he contact me. The owner actually lives down my street so I feel comfortable and trust the company. Anyways, the pool looks nice and clean after he comes, just the way I prefer it.”
–Juju K.
“These guys are great! I have a hot tub and they come to clean/service it once a week. Friendly professional and a very fair price if you ask me. When I was looking for a a company to service my hot tub I called around and they were the most reasonable. Any time I have a question/concern they are very friendly on the phone and absolutely happy to help! I would recommend them to anyone!”
–Nicole C.
"BEST POOL SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am delighted with the service I am getting from Carlos. He cleans my pool every Friday and it always looks terrific. The prices are fair and when ever I need my equipment repaired or replaced they have a tech named John that is unbelievable!! I had Rancho Pool Service install a salt system and now my water feels and looks even better. Keep up the good work guys, your head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you."
-Ron M.
"They've done both pool construction and maintenance on a regular basis. They're great! They're very responsive, do what they say they will, and are resonably priced."
-Gayne B.
"Their service has been great! Everything they've done has been outstanding. They have been very reliable and great to work with! Enrique, the pool service technician, is very nice, polite, conscientous, and knowledgeable. He has never missed a scheduled service day. I am completely happy with their service."
-Kathleen H.
"They're great to work with overall! The manager is very responsive to problems."
-Carolyn G.
"The monthly service keeps the pool clean and sparkling. They are dependable and do an excellent job."
-Richard A.
"The service has been great overall. They've been very reliable. It's a well-managed company and they're good people. The owner has been doing this for pretty much his entire life, and the staff is great!"
-Susan T.
"If you can imagine the incomparable pool service we are now getting!! 3x a week vacuuming, tile scrubbing, and much more, that we seldom got previously. Thank you board of directors for providing us with the best in pool services."
-Babs W.
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